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What we do


On the 76th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising, to honour the insurgents, we again join the 5th edition of the social campaign BohaterON - turn on history!

As a Polish carrier, we strive to ensure that the memory of the history that forms part of our identity remains vivid in the minds of the new generations. We want to contribute to educating and preserving the remembrance of the insurgents by promoting the initiative abroad and reaching out to all the destinations we operate every day.

Show that you remember and support!

Thanks to the BohaterON campaign, everyone has a chance to send an e-postcard and write a few words to the Uprising survivors. All you have to do is visit the campaign website, read the individual heroes' profiles and prepare a nice surprise for them. Postcards to the Insurgent can be sent via www.BohaterON.pl from 1st  August until 2nd October. The number of words on the postcard is limited to 25 - the maximum number of words that could be included in the correspondence sent by military mail during the Warsaw Uprising. Postcards filled in on-line will be printed and sent in a traditional format to the addressees once the campaign is completed.

We constitute a community that does care for the Insurgents not only “on special occassions". Throughout the year, the BohaterON team engages in direct assistance addressed to the heroes of the battle for the capital. It supports them in their daily duties, coordinates medical assistance and nursing care, delivers meals and do shopping. It provides material support for those who do need it. This year, anyone who wants to honour the participants in the battle for the capital can also help with a paid on-line postcard, the proceeds of which will be used for the foundation's support activities.
The campaign lasts from 1st  August to 2nd October 2020 to symbolically mark the battle for Warsaw.

To learn more about the campaign, please visit the official campaign website: www.bohateron.pl

LOT Kids, that is cool kids

Flying is a passion, which we like to share and that is why we have created a special educational program which will allow the youngest ones to learn the most important and interesting aspects of aviation.

Why does a plane fly? How to prepare for a trip? How many meals must be prepared for the longest flight? What exactly does the captain do in the cockpit? We answer all these questions and more, familiarize kids with the aviation infrastructure and with the secrets of airline operations. Everyone may meet real enthusiasts making up our crews and see how fascinating working at LOT is.

The trip’s program also includes workshops and a visit to LOT AMS facility as well as a tour of the Chopin Airport terminal where animators and employees explain the most intriguing issues associated with travel.

Pursuing social responsibility strategy at LOT we educate the youngest ones. Together with LOT AMS and the Chopin Airport in Warsaw we organize activities as part of the LOT Kids program tailored to various age groups. The program is dedicated to kids aged between 5 and 12 years. Every group is accompanied by a flight attendant, pilot and animators.

Picture Poland – we promote Polish cinematography!

Meetings with the best Polish movies of the last decade on board of LOT’s Dreamliner’s ? Of course!

Thanks to our cooperation with the Polish Film Institute, our long-haul passengers can enjoy access to Polish Oscar winners such as Ida , Peter and the Wolf ( Oscar® 2014 and 2008), films recognized at international festivals, and productions that in Poland gathered the greatest audience and recognition such as Little Rose , Reverse , Our curse, Gods , Papusza , Imagine , Joanna and the Cathedral. Every two months we offer two more titles to our passengers. 


We traditionally celebrate October as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At LOT, it is the month of special commitment and promotion of cancer prevention and pro-health attitudes – as an airline, we are strongly aware of the importance of safety and health. Therefore, we have worn pink ribbons, have engaged in Estée Lauder global Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and have encouraged our employees and passengers to perform cancer prevention activities for many years. And we do all of this to promote the idea of the project as effectively as possible wherever we fly.

Remember: an early detection of breast cancer can save life!