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Central European Engine Services

Central European Engine Services is a joint venture between LOT and General Electric. CEES offers technical maintenance of aircraft engines. We work all over the world including Europe, the USA, United Arab Emirates and South Korea. The company has more than 15 years of experience in the technical maintenance of aircraft engines, repair and overhauls. CEES is a renowned and respected brand all over the world.

CEES obtained the PART-145 certification for a maintenance organization from the European EASA and the American FAA. The company maintains the following types of engines: CF6-80C2, CFM56-3, GE90, GP7200, CF34-8E/C, CF34-10E, PW124/127 and AE3007A.
CEES offers top quality MRO (Maintenance - Repair - Overhaul) services to its customers in close cooperation with GE OWS in Poland, Europe and worldwide. The Company is distinguished by its convenient central localization, enabling fast transport of engines, modules and components as well as short TAT permitting to test engines on the engine test bed.

The services offered by CEES also include auxiliary power units (APU) types GTCP85-129, GTCP331-250 and APS500, complex management of on-wing and off-wing engine maintenance as well as ensuring spares and replacement parts for needed maintenance.
CEES is constantly searching for new solutions and dynamically adapts changes in the market, constantly broadening its services with new engines types, Top quality services offered by CEES is derived from the Polish engineers and mechanics working for the company.

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