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Our flight network answers to the needs of the modern passenger. We connect Central and Eastern Europe with the main destinations in the region, Western Europe and the most important business centers in Asia and North America. 

Our flight network focuses on comfort and convenience for our passengers as well as developing and maximizing business potential. Fast transfers, convenient departure and arrival times, great connectivity in Warsaw to centrally located airports, regular and frequent flights and on top of that the location of our hub in the center of Europe and user-friendly airport infrastructure – these are the advantages that make us the best choice for flights with nearly 120 routes worldwide.

We are constantly looking for new, effective solutions and initiatives that will help us to consolidate the fragmented market of the Central and Eastern Europe and create the best offer for all passengers from this region. We have already achieved the first goals in this respect! Our strategic partnership with Nordica provides our passengers from Tallinn with even more possibilities as well as convenient direct flights to major cities in Europe, at the same time increasing access to the Warsaw hub in which we offer long-haul flights.

Attentively watching the markets we optimize our network on a seasonal basis to provide interesting destinations that offer opportunities for profitable growth.

With our charter flights we reach the most remote and exotic places in the world such as Punta Cana, Bankok, Phuket, Cancun, Puerto Plata, Zanzibar, Ho Chi Minh, Mauritius, Mombasa, Varadero.