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Environmental policy

We are a socially responsible company. With our daily activities, we try to build an airline that passengers want to fly, with which partners willingly cooperate, and for which it is worth working. We care about employee, social and ethical issues. We care a lot for pro-health, educational and pro-environmental activities. As we attach special importance to issues related to ecology and climate change, we have established an environmental policy that sets out our commitments and goals in this regard.

In accordance with the policy of sustainable development, of which the good of the client, economic development, environmental protection and commitment to social activities are the most important elements, we undertake to ensure continuous improvement of our activities in the field of environmental protection.

Running our business, we declare our desire to reduce our impact on the environment by:

1. Acting in accordance with applicable law and environmental protection standards as well as internal regulations;

2. Reduction of air pollutant emissions through continuous improvement and implementation of procedures for the performance of air operations;

3. Searching for and implementation of innovative solutions limiting negative impact on the environment;

4. Cooperation with IATA in setting directions and goals for the aviation industry limiting its negative impact on the environment;

5. Rational waste management consisting first of all in the prevention of waste generation, reduction of its quantity through the use of reusable products, and finally their transfer to an appropriate recovery or disposal process;

6. Restriction of the use of plastic products in favour of biodegradable substitutes;

7. Effective use of media and office supplies and striving to reduce their consumption using modern technological solutions and best available practices;

8. Raising ecological awareness of all employees and engaging them to promote and apply environmental protection principles in everyday work;

9. Promoting pro-environmental behaviour among our customers, suppliers and subcontractors by making them aware of their responsibility for the environment and proposing specific actions to protect the environment.

10. Use of the environmental criterion in purchasing processes.