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We are proud of our 90-year history. We stand out thanks to our experience and unique heritage. These values embody our foundation on which we have been building a modern and stable company. Taking advantage of our experience and combining tradition with modernity, we spread our wings.



The first aviation route linking Warsaw with the world is inaugurated.



The short-lived Aerotarg Poznań Aviation Society is founded and, between May and June, sets up the first regular Poznań-Warsaw flights.



A limited liability company by the name of Aerolloyd Polish Airlines (Polska Linja Lotnicza "Aerolloyd") is established
On 5th September, the company launches regular flights from Gdańsk to Warsaw and onward from there to Lwów.



Aerolloyd is transformed into Aerolot S.A., a joint stock company, and its technical facilities are transferred from Gdańsk airport to Warsaw's Mokotów airport.
In Poznań, Aero Sp. z o.o., a limited liability air transport company, is founded and launches regular carrier operations on the Poznań-Łódź-Warsaw route.



The Civil Aviation Department at the Ministry of Transport draws up a programme of fundamental changes in Polish air transport. Every private aviation company is closed down. In their stead, a single, self-governing, state enterprise is founded on 29th December 1928 and named LOT Airlines Ltd. (Linje Lotnicze LOT Sp. z o.o.).


On 1st January, the company launches its operations. Two new routes are added; Warsaw-Katowice and Warsaw-Bydgoszcz. the LOT advertising campaigns encompass posters and brochures publicising Polish air transport, promotional flights and airborne sightseeing trips over Warsaw and the neighbouring environs.
In May, special additional flights between Warsaw and Poznań are arranged to coincide with the General National Fair, which was held in the latter city from May to September to celebrate ten years of Polish independence. A competition for the design of the company logo is announced. The winner, decided at the end of the year, is Warsaw visual artist Tadeusz Gronowski, with an expressive and interpretive representation of a crane in full flight. The company's name is extended to include an adjective, becoming LOT Polish Airlines Ltd. (Polskie Linje Lotnicze).




LOT Polish Airlines becomes a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).


The ‘crane' is officially accepted as the LOT Polish Airlines livery.

A multi-section route is established, flying Warsaw-Lwów-Czerniowce-Bucharest.



After operational five years, LOT is allocated headquarters at Warsaw-Okęcie, where a modern airport has been built, complete with technical facilities, hangers, workshops and warehouses.



With changes to certain orthographic rules, Polskie Linje Lotnicze LOT becomes Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT; the transformation is merely a matter of spelling, though, and not one of meaning. In May-June, a LOT crew make their first, experimental, transatlantic flight from the United States to Poland.



In September 1939, as the Second World War gathers force, sixteen of the airline's fleet of twenty-six planes are interned in Romania. The majority of the company's personnel are evacuated, as is the greater part of its movable property. During the course of the war, every single one of LOT's hangers and airport buildings are razed to the ground.




The pre-war LOT Polish Airlines Ltd. (Polskie Linje Lotnicze LOT, Sp. z o.o.) is reactivated, under compulsory state control.
In March, April and May, a network of national branches is established.
The first post-war poster is created; it bears the image of a plane flying over ruins alongside a flock of cranes in characteristic V-formation, echoing the company symbol in more than one way. The legend on the poster reads, LOT Polish Airlines. Succouring reconstruction with our wings.
The first timetable of flights is complied; a sheet of paper with the domestic routes neatly drawn on it, it provides the days and departure and arrival times of the flights on a given route, as well as the type of plane flying it.
On 18th July, the LOT Polish Airlines State Enterprise (Przedsiębiorstwo Państwowe Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT) is established by decree of the Council of Ministers. Wojciech Zieliński, pre-war proxy for LOT, is appointed Director General.



Ten twin-engine, Li-2 aircraft are received from the army and the Warsaw-Gdańsk domestic route, the first to be flown since the war, goes into operation.
LOT purchases nine Douglas DC-3 planes and relaunches its network of domestic routes and international flights to Berlin, Paris, Stockholm and Prague.



The LOT fleet is increased by the addition of five eighteen-seater Il-12s.
Brussels is brought into the network of routes.
LOT reinstates flights to Bucharest, Budapest and Copenhagen after their suspension during the war.




The first delivery of an order for thirteen It-14s is received.
Flights to Vienna and Moscow are introduced.
LOT carries the landmark one millionth passenger to fly with the airline since its inception.


Three American Covair CV-240s are delivered, seating forty passengers in their pressurised cabins.



The Warsaw-London and Warsaw-Zurich routes are launched.



LOT purchases its first turboprop planes, the Soviet one-hundred-seater Il-18. By the end of 1966, the company has purchased a total of eight. The Il-18 was the very best of the Soviet airliners and a number of variants were built.



LOT launches its first post-war flights beyond Europe, initially establishing a route to Cairo, followed by Baghdad, Beirut, Benghazi, Damascus and Tunisia.



Polish air transport enters the jet age. On 6th November, the first of five Tu-134s purchased by LOT lands in Warsaw. These fast, medium-haul airliners are introduced onto the European routes, replacing the An-24 and, in some cases, taking over those that had previously been flown by the Il-18.

The Warsaw-Kiev and Warsaw-Istanbul routes are launched.


A new passenger terminal is opened at Warsaw's Okęcie airport.




The first long-haul Il-62s are introduced into the fleet.
Charter flights inaugurate the first transatlantic routes in the history of Polish air transport.



On 16th April, regular flights between Warsaw and New York are established.



LOT sets up a Chartered Flights Department. It will continue to arrange charters for over thirty years.



The first flights to the Far East, via Dubai and Bombay.
By the late 1970s, LOT is flying regularly to Kuwait, Tripoli and Algeria.



Visual artists Roman Duszek and Andzrej Zbrozek create a new design image for the LOT fleet. The entire plane is painted white. The forward section of the fuselage bears the name ‘LOT', writ large in forward-sloping italics, and the empennage carries the ‘crane' livery and the Polish flag.




As the Solidarity trades union opposition movement gathers strength and faces the government's measures to supress it, air transport slumps dramatically. In the autumn of 1981, a number of Western airlines suspend their flights to Warsaw. On 13th December, martial law is declared in Poland and all of LOT's flights are grounded as a result



Charter flights to New York and Chicago are reinstated following an interval of two years.



On 28th January, scheduled flights to New York and Chicago are resumed.
During the first five years of the decade, two new routes are launched; Warsaw-New Delhi and Warsaw-Beijing.



The decision to withdraw the Il-18s and Tu-134s from service is taken.
New medium-haul Latvian planes fly into Warsaw; the Soviet Tu-154M is steadily introduced onto the European and Middle Eastern routes. LOT's transatlantic charters fly into Detroit and Los Angeles.



The company decides to purchase American aircraft. This will have a crucial impact on both the prospects for, and form of, development of Poland's national airline. With its purchase of the wide-bodied Boeing 767s, LOT becomes the first carrier in the countries of Central and Eastern European to operate using American airliners.
LOT's longest route to date is launched, flying from Poland to Singapore.



The first two Boeings go into service.
LOT hosts the IATA's Annual General Meeting.
2.3 million passengers make use of LOT'S services in the course of the year.



The third Boeing 767-300 ER lands in Warsaw



The first French-Italian ATR-72s join the LOT fleet.
Routes to Vilnius, Kiev, Minsk and Lwów are established.



LOT takes delivery of a number of Boeing 737s.
In December, LOT Polish Airlines is transformed into a sole shareholder Treasury company. The company is restructured in order to adapt it to operating under the conditions of Poland's new market economy.
The LOT Voyager loyalty programme is created and introduced for the airline's frequent flyers.
A new and modern airport opens at Warsaw-Okęcie, along with a cargo terminal and catering facilities.



Four new routes are introduced, flying from Warsaw, via Stockholm, to Oslo, Katowice to Frankfurt, Warsaw to Riga and Wrocław, via Poznań, to Düsseldorf.



A codeshare agreement is signed with American Airlines.

Flights from Krakow to Vienna and Warsaw to Tallinn, Thessaloniki, Zagreb and Nice. According to a report compiled for the IATA by an Australian consulting company, BDW Aviation Service, LOT has the newest fleet of all the world's airlines.



The Gdańsk-Copenhagen and Krakow-Zurich routes are introduced.
LOT wins a prestigious silver Clio in the print category at the 36th Annual International Awards ceremony, held in San Francisco. The award is given for the company's advertising campaign targeting the American market and LOT is the only airline company to be thus distinguished. The campaign slogan is Poland is free. The flight's very reasonable.



Business Travel World magazine names LOT the Best Business Airline in Central and Eastern Europe. The company goes on to win the award again in 1997, 1998 and 1999.
Flights from Warsaw to Munich and Stuttgart, Wrocław to Frankfurt and Poznań to Copenhagen are inaugurated.



LOT establishes a sister company, EuroLOT, which takes on the operation of domestic flights. It is also tasked with participating in the creation a Central European transit hub in Warsaw and with the development of regional flights abroad on less busy routes.



LOT wins Business Traveller magazine's award for Best Eastern European Airline, a feat that it repeats in both 1999 and 2000. The company records the highest number of charter flights in history.



The company purchases a number of Embraer ERJ-145 regional jets. This small, fast plane means that more flights per day can be made, linking Warsaw with selected passenger hubs across Europe more frequently.
On 18th November, the Minister of the State Treasury signs a contract for the sale of shares in LOT to the Swiss holding company, SAirGroup. This is the first step toward the airline's privatisation. At the same time, LOT Polish Airlines and the SAirGroup enter into two agreements, one covering strategic cooperation and the other providing for LOT's joining the worldwide airline alliance, the Qualiflyer Group, on 1st January 2000. Despite this selection of a foreign investor, LOT retains both its identity and Polish character to the full.




During the 2000/2001 winter season, the number of routes flown by LOT are increased significantly. This is primarily due to the transformation of Okęcie airport into a hub, as a result of which, Warsaw becomes an attractive location for local and transit traffic alike.
A number of new routes are launched, including Zagreb, Tallinn, Bucharest and London's Gatwick airport.
The LOT fleet is increased by eight Embraer ERJ-145s and three Boeing 737-500s. The delivery of the eleven new planes in 2000 is the largest to occur in the course of a single year since the company's inception.



LOT carries more than three million passengers in the course of a year.
LOT Polish Airlines once again finds itself in the company of the world's top airlines. Its high quality in-flight service and meals, professional service and punctuality are all recognised in the Official Airline Guides (OAG) Airline Industry Awards and by Business Traveller magazine.
More new routes are launched, including Odessa, Göteborg, Beirut, Damascus and Zielona Góra.



At a meeting of the directors of the Qualiflyer Group's participant airlines, held on 8th February in Zurich, the decision is taken to conclude cooperation under the auspices of the group. LOT begins to seek membership of a different alliance.
Several new routes are launched, namely Warsaw-Kalingrad, Warsaw-Bratislava and Poznań-Frankfurt.
In April, LOT and Lufthansa sign an initial strategic cooperation agreement and a codeshare contract covering the joint operation of air routes between Poland and Germany. With these documents, LOT's path toward membership of Star Alliance opens up.
Once again, LOT receives recognition in the form of awards from OAG and Business Traveller magazine.
In July, LOT and the Italian-French consortium ATR sign an agreement for the delivery of five ATR-42 500 series airliners.
Cutting the blue and white ribbon draped around the sculpture of the Crane which adorns the atrium, the President of the Republic of Poland, Aleksander Kwaśniewski, symbolically declares the new LOT Polish Airlines offices to be open. His Eminence Cardinal Józef Glemp, Primate of Poland, also takes part in the ceremony, blessing both the building and all those gathered there.



Miles & More becomes LOT's frequent flyer programme. It has more than eight million members around the world and is the largest of its kind in Europe.
LOT signs an agreement with Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer for the delivery of a number of Embraer 170s.
The company is once again recognised as the Best Central and Eastern European Airline by both OAG and Business Traveller magazine.
On 26th October, LOT becomes a member of Star Alliance, the world's largest alliance of airlines. Its members set the benchmark for the highest of standards in the aviation world. In honour of the occasion, the Boeing 737-500 SP-LKE receives new, promotional paintwork.
More codeshare contracts are signed, this time with United, bmi, Aeroflot and All Nippon Airways.



LOT launches etix® electronic ticket sales for domestic flights.
Codeshare contracts are signed with Air Canada and TAP Portugal.
In March, LOT becomes the first airline in the world to introduce the Embraer 170, the latest plane from the Brazilian manufacture, into its fleet. The airliner's maiden commercial flight is made on the Warsaw–Vienna route on 17th March.
For the seventh time in succession, Business Traveller magazine names LOT the best airline in the region.
In June, during the Poznań Industrial Technology and Investment Goods Fair, President Aleksander Kwaśniewski presents LOT with the President of the Republic of Poland's Special Award, for "a remarkable contribution to bringing Poles and the nations of Europe and the world closer together".
LOT celebrates its 75th anniversary. The occasion is honoured in a number of ways, including an exhibition of the company's posters at Warsaw's Poster Museum in Wilanów, the publication of an album and the issue of a commemorative stamp and a First Day Cover (FDC).
New routes are launched, to Dublin and Venice.
The year sees more than four million passengers availing themselves of LOT's services.



For the eighth time in succession, Business Traveller magazine awards LOT the title of Best Eastern European Airline.
A decision is made as to the selection of a new long-haul aircraft; the Boeing 787 Dreamliner will begin to fly under the LOT colours in October 2008. The company will be the first airline in Europe to take delivery of the plane.
In January, the LOT charter subsidiary, Centralwings, obtains a licence to operate as an airline and launches ticket sales.
LOT Polish Airlines comes out top in the Pasażer.com portal's first Internet poll for the best airline.
On 1st February, a Centralwings Boeing 737 takes off from Warsaw on the company's maiden flight. The destination is London Gatwick.
In Lausanne, on 4th March, during a meeting of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI; the World Air Sports Federation) Gliding Commission, LOT Polish Airlines captain, Janusz Centka, is awarded the Lilienthal Gliding Medal. The medal is awarded for "a particularly remarkable performance in gliding, or eminent services to the sport of gliding over a long period of time" and Captain Centka's name was put forward by Aeroklub Polski (the Polish Aero Club), an active member of the FIA. There can be no higher award for a glider pilot.
Captain Centka is the seventh Pole and the second LOT pilot to receive this highest of distinctions.
In May, LOT orders four Embraer 175s.
In Kyoto, on 31st May, the chairmen of LOT Polish Airlines and All Nippon Airways sign a codeshare agreement between the two airlines.
1st August, sees the launch of LOT's new advertising campaign. Its slogan is translated as You're flying in good hands.
On 14th July, the company takes delivery of a Boeing B-767 300ER SP – LPE. On 7th September, the Supervisory Board of LOT Polish Airlines S.A. passes a resolution giving its consent to the company's entering into a contract of purchase for seven Boeing B-787 Dreamliners. LOT will thus be the first airline in Europe and the second in the world to take delivery of the plane.
The Warsaw-Ljubljana route is launched.
The company is recognised as the Best Central and Eastern European Airline for the eighth time in succession.
On 30th October, LOT Polish Airlines S.A. and Singapore Airlines sign a route-sharing agreement, as a result of which, the customers of both airlines will benefit from convenient travel on routes between South-East Asia and Poland.
28th November sees the company launch a new route from Warsaw to Bydgoszcz and reactivates its Warsaw-Zielona Góra service. In both cases, the routes are flown by the Jetstream 32.



On 28th May, a LOT Polish Airlines plane carries Pope Benedict XVI back to Rome following his pilgrimage to Poland.
LOT enters into a contract for inter-airline ticketing with British Airways.
In June, the Premium Brand project awards the company the title of High-Reputation Brand in the services and sales category. Premium Brand is an independent project run by MMT Management in cooperation with Maison Research House, Millward Brown and the SMG/KRC Institute and devoted to researching companies' reputations, with their consent.
On 17th June, LOT Boeing B-767 captain, Janusz Centka, piloting a Polish Diana 2 glider during the 29th World Gliding Championships in Sweden, becomes World Champion in the 15-metre class.
June also sees LOT Polish Airlines awarded the title of King of Jazz 2006 by the organisers of the 12th International Jazz in the Old Town Square Festival, held in Warsaw every summer.
In mid-July, the company launches a series of charter flights commissioned by a Japanese company, The Contact Inc., on the Tokyo-Warsaw route.
On 1st August, the Polish competitors in the 17th World Precision Flying Championships return victorious to Warsaw. LOT Polish Airlines pilot Krzysztof Wieczorek is the new world champion, with colleagues Janusz Darocha as his runner-up and Krzysztof Skrętowicz in third place. On this selfsame day, the competitors in the 15th World Rally Flying Championships, held in Troyes, France, also return triumphant. This time, the world champion is LOT's Captain Wacław Wieczorek, together with his son, Michał.
12th September sees the launch of an advertising campaign for LOT's new business class on transatlantic flights.
The company is awarded the Polish Tourism Leader certificate in the airline category by the Tourism Promotion Agency.
On 4th October, in a competition organised by the Computerworld weekly, LOT Polish Airlines receives the IT Leader award and title for achievements in the application of information technology.
29th October sees the relaunching of the Katowice-Munich-Katowice route, which was suspended in 2001.
At the company's headquarters, on 9th November, a cooperation agreement between LOT Polish Airlines S.A. and the Polish Tourism Organisation is signed.
In the course of the year, LOT Polish Airlines carries 3,708,239 passengers.



On April 16th, the company launches a campaign advertising domestic flights in its ATRs, now furnished with more comfortable seats.
7th May sees the launch of LOT's Katowice-Turin and Warsaw Stuttgart routes.
On 3rd June, they are followed by the Rzeszów-New York route.
In May, LOT Polish airlines wins the third edition of the Pasażer.com portal's poll, becoming the Best Airline in Poland 2006.
At the Royal Castle in Warsaw, on 11th May, LOT is named a Patron of the Polish Academy of Medicine.
7th September sees the rollout of Boeing's newest plane, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The ceremony takes place in Seattle, with the participation of representatives of LOT Polish Airlines.
In July, the company becomes the first airline in Poland to launch a Virtual Stewardess service on its website. The computerised character, an InteliWISE intelligent Avatar, can serve innumerable customers, twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week and three hundred and sixty-five days a year.
Tickets for LOT's Warsaw-Beijing route go on sale.
On 28th July, the Awards Committee of the Avenue of Sports Stars in Władysławowo honour a LOT pilot, Captain Witold Filusa, by adding a star bearing his name to the avenue. He follows Jerzy Makula and Wacław Wieczorek to become the third of the company's pilots to be awarded this illustrious and out-of-the-ordinary ‘Star'.
During the European Gliding Championships in August, Captain Janusz Centka pilots his Polish Diana 2 glider to gold in the 15-metre class.
The company launches a campaign promoting its Warsaw-Hanover flights.
A contract is signed with Dniproavia, a Ukrainian airline, for the provision of technical services for Embraer ERJ 145s.
At a ceremony held in London on 17th September, representatives of LOT Polish Airlines once again collect Business Traveller magazine's prestigious award for Best Eastern European Airline.
On 27th October, the company is honoured by the Warsaw Destination Alliance Foundation for its contribution to a campaign promoting the capital as an attractive and appealing destination for businesses and tourists alike.
The Wrocław-Brussels route is launched.



A contract is signed for the purchase of twelve Embraer EMB 175s, with staggered delivery scheduled to take place between 2009 and 2012.
n February, the company launches its Web Check-In service for passengers whose journey begins at national airports serviced by LOT.
On 30th March, LOT reinstates direct flights from Warsaw to Beijing.
A contract is signed with Luxembourg airline Luxair covering the joint operation of the Warsaw-Berlin-Luxembourg route.
March 2008 also sees LOT Polish Airlines win the Best Traditional Airline title for the second time in succession in a poll conducted by the Pasażer.com portal.
Captain Wacław Wieczorek wins a silver medal in the 18th World Precision Flying Championships. LOT's pilots also come out of the 16th World Rally Flying Championships with flying colours; Janusz Darocha and Zbigniew Chrząszcz take the gold, while Captain Krzysztof Skrętowicz and Krzysztof Wieczorek win the bronze.
On 24th July, LOT Polish Airlines and the Polish Olympic Committee initial a contract, on the strength of which, LOT acquires the title of Official Carrier of the Polish Olympic Team for the Beijing Games.
Captain Janusz Centka wins the silver medal in the 15-metre class at the World Gliding Championships.
Captain Dariusz Kędzierski takes the gold at the 10th European Microlight Championships.
On 22nd September, for the eleventh time, LOT Polish Airlines is honoured with the title of Best Eastern European Airline by Business Traveller magazine.
On 30th September, the company presents Ryszard Kaczorowski, former President of the Republic of Poland in Exile, with an honorary badge "For services to LOT Polish Airlines".



January sees the 80th anniversary of the inception of LOT Polish Airlines. In honour of the occasion, a special logo is created and its image is used consistently on in-house and external communications alike.
In March, changes occur in the make-up of the company's Supervisory and Management Board. Sebastian Mikosz takes on the mantle of Chairman.
On 26th March, the Management Board of LOT Polish Airlines takes the decision to close its subsidiary, Centralwings and, on 9th June, the court declares it bankruptcy.
In April, during the Reader's Digest European Trusted Brand 2009 awards ceremony, held at the Porczyński Gallery in Warsaw, LOT is named Most Environmentally Friendly Brand in the airlines category.
16th April sees the inauguration of the Krakow-Athens route.
On 8th May, after an interval of 15 years, the Warsaw-Belgrade route is relaunched.
On 11th May, the Supervisory Board formally appoints Sebastian Mikosz as Chairman of LOT Polish Airlines.
On 20th May, the court declares the bankruptcy of the LOT Ground Services (LGS) company. LOT Services signs a leasing contract in respect of LGS.
In this same month, LOT establishes LOT Charters, incorporating it into the company's structure.
1st June sees the new company's maiden charter flight.
On 4th June, a golden Boeing 737-400 carries a group of one hundred and sixty ‘golden' passengers to Brussels as part of the celebrations marking the 20th anniversary of the fall of communism.
June also sees the launch of a new business class menu, created by the renowned celebrity master chef, Robert Sowa.
On 10th July, the Krakow-Rome route is inaugurated.
26th June sees Polish pilots sweep the board at the 19th World Precision Flying Championships, held in Toruń. Krzysztof Wieczorek wins the gold, Janusz Darocha takes the silver and the bronze goes to Marek Kachaniak. On 26th August, Morgan Stanley, the investment bank, is selected as financial advisor to LOT Polish Airlines.
In September, LOT is named Official Airline for the 19th Economic Forum, to be held in Krynica.
On 2nd September, the first of the new Embraer 175s joins the LOT fleet. The six hundredth airliner of the E-Jet family of twin-engine, medium-haul planes, it flies into Okęcie displaying specially designed paintwork.
12th September sees the conclusion of the 7th European Rally Flying Championships in Castellón, Spain. LOT pilots Wacław Wieczorek and Bolesław Radomski take the silver and the Polish national flying team wins the gold.
On 21st September, the British Business Traveller magazine awards LOT Polish Airlines the title of Best Eastern European Airline for the twelfth time. The company launches a modest advertising campaign on the streets of London, making use of the city's unique and familiar black cabs.
7th October sees a LOT Polish Airlines Embraera 170 receive a special paintwork design promoting both Krakow and the entire Małopolska region. The tail of the plane is adorned with a recognisable fragment of Leonardo da Vinci's Lady with an Ermine. The only one of the master's works in Poland, it is held in the Princes Czartoryski Museum in Krakow and is one of the city's unique symbols.
In October, Kaleidoscope, the LOT Polish Airlines monthly in-flight magazine, takes second place in the 9th Company Bulletins Competition, a prestigious event organised by the Agape consultancy and publishing agency. Kaleidoscope's ranking is achieved in what is the most important of the competition's categories, External Bulletins.
On 8th October, LOT, in collaboration with Cargojet, an award-winning Canadian cargo airline, inaugurates the first direct transatlantic cargo route in the history of Polish aviation. A Boeing 767-200 ER Freighter, with a forty-five-ton cargo capacity, will provide a weekly service, flying between Katowice and Hamilton, Canada.
On 2nd November, the Global Traveler magazine readers' survey awards LOT the the title of Best Eastern European Airline.
10th December sees the announcement of the results of the readers' survey in the American edition of Business Traveller magazine. And the statuette for Best Eastern European Airline goes to… LOT Polish Airlines.




3 February – Our Technical Base receives NATO E3A Source of Repair Activation Certificate.
10 May – We re-open the Warsaw – Tallinn connection.
16 June – We re-launch flights to the Middle East and from Warsaw to Beirut.
28 June – We launch flight connections from Warsaw to Kaliningrad.
1 July – We start with a new destination – to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.
13 July – We set up a new company – LOT Aircraft Maintenance Services (LOT AMS).
2 September – the Civil Aviation Authority publishes a report – we are the largest airline within the Polish market.
15 September – We launch a new connection from Warsaw to Tbilisi.
22 September – We celebrate 20 years of cooperation with Boeing.
2 October – We launch a connection from Warsaw to Damascus.
27 October – We re-launch regular flights from Warsaw to Cairo.
30 October – The fourteenth Embraer 175 (SP-LIO) airplane joins our fleet.
13 November – We launch direct flights from Warsaw to Hanoi.
26 November – We develop the network of domestic flights – from Warsaw to Bydgoszcz.



11 April – Embraer 195 joins our fleet.
May – We introduce the so-called WEB Kiosks, allowing passengers the option of self-service check-in .
3 June – We launch flights to Donetsk.
24 June – We present the world's most modern passenger airplane – Boeing 787 Dreamliner, joining our fleet.
July – We start the cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in connection with Poland taking over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.



Our fleet is one of the most modern in Europe. Some connections are covered by new Bombardiers. We strive for consistent development, that's why we successfully replaced the medium-range Boeing 737 planes with Embraer 195 planes. Before the end of March 2013, 5 long-range Boeing 787 Dreamliner planes will join our fleet.
May – we launch a new connection between Warsaw and Beijing. The first passengers left from Warsaw Chopin Airport on 29 May at 4:10 p.m.
June – We are upliftedby sporting emotions – at the occasion of the Poland-Ukraine European Football Championships, our airplanes get new colors. A football was painted at the back part of the bodies as well ason the winglets.
10 August – We said goodbye to the last Boeing 767 in our fleet.
18 September – The sale of tickets for the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner flights start. We give our passengers the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of travel on board the world's most modern passenger airplane.
From December to mid-January 2013, we take passengers to eight cities in Europe: Prague, Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt, Hanover, Kiev, Budapest and Brussels.
LOT Polish Airlines is among the safest airlines in the world meeting strict requirements of the safety audit carried out by IATA – International Air Travel Association.
15 November – The world's most modern airplane – Boeing 787 Dreamliner – lands in Warsaw.
14 December – Dreamliner's first scheduled flight from Warsaw to Prague.
December-August 2013 – We introduce subsequent Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplanes into long-haul service.



1 June – The world's most modern airplane in the colors of LOT took off at 1:18 p.m. from the Warsaw airport to New York. This is the first passenger flight of PLL LOT's Dreamliner after a three month break. We also re-launched Boeing 787 scheduled transatlantic flights.
28 June – We introduce the fifth Boeing 787 Dreamliner into long-haul service. The result is only Dreamliners being used for all long-haul flights as of August 2013.
It is an important and breakthrough moment for us and another step in the Company's development – for over 20 years Boeing 767 airplanes were used and have now been replaced with the modern Boeing 787 Dreamliner planes.



1 January – We celebrate our 85th birthday. At this occasion, we painted one of our Embraer 175 planes with the characteristic colors of our airplanes from the 40's of the 20th century. Thanks to this, we have joined the group of airlines having retro themed jets in their fleets.
January – We commence the successful restructuring of our Company and are granted the first tranche of public subsidy.
1 May – The sixth Dreamliner, that the passengers named Franek, lands for the first time in Warsaw. 29 July – The European Commission officially approves PLL LOT's restructuring plan. LOT introduces compensation and remedy measures that translate very well into the Company's results.
23 September – we present the world's first official airplane in the colors inspired by Mamma Mia! musical. We are also the official carrier of artists from the Polish version of the musical from Teatr Muzyczny ROMA.
30 September – We achieve a third record. One of our Dreamliners makes the longest direct flight to Antofagasta in Chile. It covered over 12 thousand kilometres in total, spending 14.5 hours in the air without interruption. This is the longest direct flight in the history of PLL LOT.
19 November – Boeing 787 Dreamliner planes in the colors of LOT have carried over half a million passengers! At this occasion, we surprise the passenger number 500,000 with a gift. The lucky passenger was Maciej Kołodziej, traveling from Warsaw to New York.
1 December – we are the official carrier for the participants of the international event Herbalife IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia.



19 January – Our company, LOT Cargo, launches a New York – Warsaw – New York cargo connection using a special all cargo Boeing 767-300, the operator of which is the Canadian company Cargojet Airways Ltd.
22 February – ABBA – the legendary Swedish group visits Poland after many years. This time LOT's airplane brought Bjorn Ulvaeus to Warsaw. He visited our capital at the occasion of the première of the most popular musical in the world – Mamma Mia!, of which we are a partner.
24-26 Jun - LOT hosts CEB - Chief Executive Board Meeting of Star Alliance - the largest global airline alliance


1/2 January - We spread our wings and start flying to number of new destinations, strating from: Barcelona, Zurich, Zagreb, Dusseldorf, Chisinau, Belgrade and Yerevan.
14 January - The first LOT's plane flying from Warsaw lands in Tokio. The Warsaw-Narita service is the first-ever and sole link between Poland and Japan providing a greater convenience for both Japanese and European passenger
23 January - LOT's first planes takes off from VeniceJanuary 28th - Mr. Rafał Milczarski becomes the Board Chairman of LOT
February 19th - LOT wins the 'Business Traveler Poland Award' as the best airline on short-haul flights, and LOT Business Lounge 'Polonez' becomes the best business lounge in Poland
March 1st - LOT opened the connection to Ljubljana and Luxembourg
March 3rd - LOT opened the connection to Kharkov and Athens
March 11th - The Discovery Channel showcases the story of PLL LOT and Warsaw Chopin Airport
March 14th - LOT is ranked second in the ranking of the most attractive employers of the 'Randstad Awards 2016'
March 21st - LOT won the poll of pasazer.com, winning 1st place in the category 'Best Long Distance Airline'
March 31st - LOT opened the connections to Beirut, Nice, Cluj Napoca, Palanga and Košice
April 5th - LOT resumed connections to Brussels
April 27th - The modernization of Boeing 737-400 aircraft begins, LOT continued to raise the comfort of passenger travel
June 4th - Jeffrey Goh becomes President of Star Alliance. Star Alliance members have agreed to invest in new technologies
June 29th - The first Boeing 737-400 cruise takes off - a flight to London
July 2nd - LOT opened the connection to Olsztyn
July 4th - Star Alliance successfully implemented new solutions for passenger check-in at Terminal 1 Tokyo Narita Airport
July 6th - LOT partnered with the Global Breast Cancer Campaign. Throughout the month, the stewards and stewardesses of LOT wear the characteristic pink ribbons in the lapels of their uniforms.
July 13th - Star Alliance, connecting passengers worldwide, won the Best Airline Alliance award in the Skytrax World Airline Awards poll. The Alliance has also won the Best Airline Alliance Lounge Award for its prestigious Los Angeles show for the second time in a row.
August 1st - After the World Youth Day, Pope Francis returns to Rome aboard a LOT flight on the modern Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
September 8th - LOT presented a strategy of profitable development until 2020. We intend to achieve lasting profitability and become the leader of air services in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.
October 4th - LOT inaugurated a direct connection between Warsaw and Newark.
October 13th - LOT develops its fleet of aircraft, orders 10 Boeing 737s, including the state-of-the-art Boeing 737 Max 8.
October 17th - LOT opened the connection between Warsaw and Seoul, Korea.
November 4th - LOT sign a strategic cooperation agreement with the Estonian national carrier - Nordica, we have a 49% stake in its daughter company - Regional Jet; We open the connection from Warsaw and Tallinn.
November 18th - Official cooperation with Nordica begins. The first plane from Tallinn takes flight.
November 28th - LOT breaks the record, carrying 5 million passengers since the beginning of the year.
November 28th - LOT extended the code-share agreement with Japanese line ANA. As a result, LOT passengers have been able to fly to Tokyo in three additional cities in Japan - Sapporo, Sendai and Fukuoka as of 1st of December.


January 9th - LOT opened more long distance connections. Passengers are able to travel from Warsaw too South Korea and from Krakow to Chicago.
February 26th - The first LOT plane landed at Kiev Zhuliany airport.
March 2nd - LOT opened the connection from Zielona Góra to Warsaw.
March 17th - LOT won the title of "Best Long Range Airline" awarded annually by pasazer.com.
March 24th -LOT and LOT Travel were official partners of Astana Expo 2017.
April 3rd - LOT opened a direct connection from Warsaw to Los Angeles.
April 28th - LOT opened a direct connection from Warsaw to Newark.
May 11th - The newest fleet of Boeing 737-800 NG joins the LOT fleet.
May 13th - LOT joined the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Star Alliance, announcing a new strategic goal. LOT opened the new connection to Pula and Podgorica.
May 30th - LOT opened the first flight to Astana, Kazakhstan.
June 1st - LOT opened the connection to Sttutgart. LOT too launched flights to Tel Aviv from 5 Polish cities - Lublin, Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw and Warsaw.
5th June - LOT opened the connection from Warsaw to Kalliningrad.
June 11th - we presented the seventh Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner in our fleet, commemorating the “Cichociemni” (Silent Unseen) paratroopers of the Polish Home Army.
June 13th - LOT Polish Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and 16 members of the International Air Carrier Association (IACA) officially transformed the organisation into Airlines International Representation in Europe (“AIRE”) to represent their interests, transfer information, and establish contacts with European institutions
June 26th - LOT opened the connection from Poznan to Lvov.
July 3rd - LOT increased the frequency of flights to Japan, starting connections to Split and Zadar. LOT's Dreamliner took off from Krakow to Chicago. This made our 9th long-haul connection, 6th to North America, and at the same time one of the most important flights for the Polish Diaspora.
July 15th - our fleet was supplemented by the 8th long-range Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner.
August 4th - we started operating direct flights from Bydgoszcz to Lviv.
August 28th - we opened another new connection, this time to Gothenburg, thus strengthening our presence in Scandinavia.
October 11th - the new series of the Discovery Channel production - “Operacja LOT” was launched, showing the ins and outs of working at our airline.
In the winter season, we launched six charter destinations. They include completely new destinations, where we flew for the first time ever such as Rio de Janeiro and Panama.
December 4th - we launched the 41st connection since the beginning of 2016 - to Berlin.
December 20th - the second LOT’s Boeing 737 MAX 8 touched down in Warsaw.


January 24th - we initiated a social campaign “No Visas to the USA” (Bez wiz do USA) with the goal of Poland joining the Visa Waver Program.
March 9th - we inaugurated direct flights from Rzeszów to Tel Aviv.
March 23rd - the first Dreamliner 787-9, with the registration number SP-LSA, landed in Warsaw. This newest, and to date biggest, aircraft in the LOT fleet can accommodate 294 passengers. It joined the eight other LOT B787-8 Dreamliners.
March 25th - LOT launched direct flights between Warsaw and Oslo.
April 24th - LOT announced that it ordered another three Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft which are to supplement the current fleet of eight smaller B787-8 and one bigger B787-9 in 2019. Thus, in 2019 LOT will boast a fleet of 15 Dreamliners.
April 28th - a connection was launched between Krakow and Budapest.
April 30th - a new connection was launched between Rzeszów and Newark. It’s the tenth LOT-operated connection to the United States.
May 3rd - we launched a new connection to the second largest city in Croatia: Dubrovnik and the first direct connection between Hungary and the USA – polish aircraft started flying from Budapest to New York.
May 5th - we launched a second connection between Hungary and USA, from Budapest to Chicago and introduced the second Boeing 787-9 into its fleet, which became the tenth Dreamliner in operations.
May 15th - we started flying to Singapore. This was our fifth connection to Asia.
April 28th - we launched the first connection from Krakow to Budapest.
April 30th - a new connection was launched between Rzeszow and Newark. It was the tenth LOT-operated connection to the United States.
June 1st - we opened connections to Podgorica and Skopje, offering 12 routes to the Balkans.
June 3rd - we launched a connection to the Domodedovo the second airport in the capital of Russia operated by the Polish carrier.
June 4th - we started flying between Warsaw and Hanover.
June 5th - LOT ordered six additional Boeing 737 max 8s. By the end of 2019, it will operate 12 of those.
June 28th - LOT presented a Dreamliner with a white and red paint scheme celebrating the centenary of Poland regaining her independence.
June 29th – LOT’s newest Boeing 737 MAX 8 with the paint scheme celebrating the centenary of Poland regaining her independence touched down at the Warsaw Chopin Airport.
July 2nd - we commenced flights to Billund, Denmark.
July 11th - we started a code-share cooperation with Air China, thanks to which the number of direct connections between Warsaw and Beijing in LOT’s offer increased from three to eight flights a week.
September 3rd - LOT inaugurated the 10th domestic connection in its network - from Warsaw to Lublin.
October 10th - LOT Polish Airlines, Aircraft Maintenance Services, LS Airport Services and LS Technics were inducted to the Polish Aviation Group (Polska Grupa Lotnicza), consolidating key aviation companies owned by the Polish State Treasury.
November 15th - first time in history, LOT Polish Airlines served 8 million passengers in a year.
December 3rd - we exceeded 100.000 passengers transported between Poland and Croatia, where we offer as much as 5 summer holiday destinations - Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Split, Zadar, and Pula.
December 17th - El Al Israel Airlines and LOT Polish Airlines signed a code-share agreement.
December 18th - our fleet was supplemented by two of the four ordered Embraer 190s.


January 7th - we launched a connection between Warsaw and London-City.
February 18th - LOT started offering flights to London-City from Budapest.
February 14th - we announced additional connections from Budapest - to Brussels and Bucharest. They will commence on 2 September.
February 22nd - we announced a new seasonal connection from Warsaw to Colombo. The first flight will take place on 3 November.
February 26th - a million passengers visited the LOT Business Lounge “Polonez” at the Warsaw Chopin Airport since 1 July 2015.
April 1st - we launched seasonal connections from Krakow to Budapest.
April 19th - free UPC internet was made available at LOT business lounges.
May 1st - we commenced flights between Vilnius and London-City. It’s the third, after Warsaw and Budapest, connection to the heart of London.
May 25th - we inaugurated seasonal connections between Krakow and Dubrovnik.
June 1st - we launched a connection to Miami. It’s LOT’s ninth destination in the US.
June 9th - we commenced flights to Varna, Bulgaria, and started operating a seasonal connection between Warsaw and Corfu.
June 14th - we inaugurated a connection to Beirut.
July 1st, we took over direct connections from Tallinn and announced the continuation of cooperation with Nordica.
July 26th, on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of LOT, an exhibition of LOT historic posters was opened in Warsaw's Royal Łazienki Park.
August 28th, LOT Polish Airlines Supervisory Board, after the qualification procedure, appointed Mr. Rafał Milczarski as the CEO of the Management Board of the company.
September 12th, we inaugurated new long haul connection to Delhi.
September 23rd, LOT took off from Budapest to Seoul.
October 6th, we announced a new connection to the USA. On August 5th 2020, we will inaugurate a direct connection to San Francisco.
October 11th, LOT was awarded the "Partner for Climate" certificate for the purchase of carbon dioxide units.
October 15th, we hosted the 2nd edition of the Global Airport & Passenger Symposium (GAPS).
October 22nd, LOT Polish Airlines and the Polish Tourist Organization announced the establishment of the National Support Program for the Meetings Industry. This is another PLL LOT and POT project, which is to promote Poland abroad.
October 31st, LOT, in cooperation with partner airlines, expanded its offer of flights via Singapore to New Zealand and via Budapest to Lisbon.
November 4th, we took off for the first time from Warsaw to Colombo, Sri Lanka.
November 12th, the first passengers flew to the USA without visas.
November 18th, we expanded our pro-environmental activities to include a carbon footprint compensation program as the Destination ECO program.
November 21st, we announced new holiday destinations to Rijeka and Tirana. Thus, we already offer 20 routes to the Balkans from Warsaw, Krakow and Budapest.
November 25th, we announced a new connection from Warsaw to Ostrava.
November 27th, LOT announces new routes from Budapest - to Dubrovnik and Varna. Flights will start on June 7, 2020.
December 11th, LOT Polish Airlines expands its offer of holiday destinations. New connections to Italy and Crete.
December 12th, for the third time in a row, LOT Polish Airlines becomes the best airline in Central and Eastern Europe in the US Global Traveler ranking.
December 13th, LOT Polish Airlines joined ICCA, the International Congress and Convention Association.
December 28th, for the first time in history, the Polish carrier carried 10 million passengers within a single year onboard its aircraft.
December 30th, we announced a new direct connection to the United States - this time to Washington.



On 16th January, we launched direct flights to the second airport in Beijing - Beijing-Daxing.