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We opt for modern and effective solutions. E-invoices result ineffective settlements, professional processing of documents, timely payments, effective verification and reporting for invoices as well as tangible savings and contribution to environmental protection. This is why we withdraw paper invoices and replace them with electronic documents.

How to correctly issue an e-invoice for LOT in order for it to be booked fast and easy?

* Please remember to place the number of the SAP order to which the invoice refers on the invoice.
* Then save the image of the invoice in a PDF file.
* Only one invoice should be contained perPDF file.
* The PDF file should contain only the image of the invoice.
* Attachments to the invoice, if any, should be in the XLS or TXT formats.
* Please send the invoice to us in an attachment to the following address: invoice.zakupy@lot.pl.
* Please remember to place LOT's employee handling the order in the copy of the email – he/she will care about the proper downloading of the document.
* Only one invoice with attachments should be contained per email.
* The content of the email should not contain any ornamental elements, images or other attachments.