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Loyalty programs

A journey does not begin and end at the airport. The needs of passengers, professionally or personally, are much greater than simply flying from point A to B. This is why we offer our most loyal clients added value in the form of customized loyalty programs.

Passangers flying on personal trips can use the Miles & More Program, and passengers flying for business reasons can join the LOT Dla Firm (LOT for companies) Program. The two program have been designed to be mutually complimentary. Frequent flyer miles may be collected in both programs at the same time.

Miles & More

Miles & More is the largest loyalty program in Europe designed for those who love flying. Miles can be collected by traveling with more than 40 airlines and by purchasing products and services offered by more than 250 partners globally.

Depending on the client’s needs and personal preferences, premium miles can be exchanged for airline tickets, travel class upgrades or hotel accommodations. Status miles enable travelers to upgrade, allowing them additional benefits to make travel even more enjoyable.

Miles & More cards have four levels: Frequent Traveler, Senator or HON Circle. Passengers can benefit from additional facilities, such as increased luggage limit, a business check-in desk or access to the Business Lounge.

Miles & More is a global solution, the program enables participants to collect and use miles to purchase tickets for flights operated by LOT and by all Star Alliance airlines. Over 26 million passengers participate in the program worldwide, including 600 thousand travelers in Poland.

More about Miles & More.

LOT Corporate

With Polish businesses in mind, we have created the unique LOT Corporate Program. It enables companies to collect points for all company business trips on our airlines. Participation in the program enables companies to cut costs and exchange the collected points for airline tickets, hotel accommodations, weekend packages, travel class upgrades, additional luggage allowances and much more. All this is intended to help Polish businesses expand on a larger scale.

More than 14,000 companies already participate in the LOT Corporate.

Details of the LOT Corporate offer.