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Passengers’ Assistance Team

We do our best to make every journey a pleasure and to mitigate any unpredictable events. To better serve our passengers we have created MZOP – the Mobile Passenger Service Team.

Many unpredictable events happen in the tourism industry. Delayed or cancelled flights, technical malfunctions, and now we are efficient in notifying passengers immediately of any changes, helping them and taking care of their needs at the airport and much more. The team is ready as soon as they need arises.

If a flight is cancelled, we provide support in the form of information services, help with formalities, baggage, and assist passengers traveling with children and passengers with disabilities.

Our staff also provides individual comfort to travelers such as meals, taxi and hotel vouchers and assisting them throughout their stay at the airport. In unforeseeable situations, we help our clients and meet their expectations, often going above and beyond the required services required by the law.

Our passenger service is more than just protocol and requirements, its a kind word from our staff or a teddy bear for children’s that often bring a smile to a passenger’s face that make what we do important.