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Partnerships and sponsorships

For us, sponsoring means more than just a logo on a poster.

We are a modern, dynamic company which actively seeks creative solutions, which is why we choose non-standard projects which go beyond standards.

It is said that costly projects are for the uncreative. Even if our budget is tight, we can afford unconventional ideas. We are prepared to make a large organizational effort and involve our own funds. What matters in LOT are ideas and efficiency.

We care for the social aspect of every project, which is why we are involved in initiatives that have a significant impact on the world around us. Sponsoring or partnership actions are most often implemented in areas such as culture, health or natural environment. We are keen on sharing the knowledge of our experts in the area of aviation, finance, strategy or innovation during conferences and educational programs.

As aviation enthusiasts, we are particularly fond of events which celebrate the love of flying and we eagerly participate in aviation-related events.


Inconsistent with its brand strategy and positioning

Controversial from the world-view, religious, political or cultural perspective

Associated with danger, violence

Against the environment, nature, not environmentally-friendly 

Actions which are implemented within less than 3 months from notification