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Full-year Internship

The full year internship is dedicated for undergraduate students. Depending on the needs, internships are run in different months throughout the year. While working and learning from the industry experts, each program participant has his tutor, who introduces the student with the company and employees, sets tasks for implementation and supports in solving difficult problems
Who are we looking for?

* Highly motivated students
* Students who enjoy working both as an individual and in a group
* Students who like to acquire new knowledge and are not afraid of challenges

What do we offer?

* Having the internship at our headquarters in Warsaw in different months throughout the year (on selected dates)
* Learning the structure of the company, organizational culture and the airline business
* Working together and learning from professionals to gain experience and knowledge that will help you in developing your career further
* Being under the wings of his mentor, who introduces you to the company the team, sets tasks to be performed and will support you in solving difficult problems.
* Getting the confirmation of interesting internships and work experience

Required documents (if you are a successful applicant):

* Proof of student insurance
* Photocopy of an identity document

Important information, which you should be aware of before starting the internship:

* The main document is a contract (print PLL LOT SA) signed between the candidate and the tutor
* PLL LOT SA do not fill in contracts prepared by the university
* Internships are free, and PLL LOT SA does not guarantee employment after their completion
* We reserve the right to contact only with selected candidates
* Before sending the application read through the descriptions of the task areas in our company and select only these areas that match your interests and predispositions!